DOCTOR HEART MUSIC is a label and a company for music production which was found by cardiologist Dr. Hubert Seggewiß in association with guitar player Thomas Fellow.

The musical range is just as colourful as opened up to all kinds of styles. The shared aim is to provide high quality of sound, artwork, individualism and authenticity of the artists combined with a long, intense process of collaboration. A special focus lies on music out of the following sections: Song, Worldmusic, concert music and Jazz. Experimenting close to musical borderlines is just as welcome as a certain “Pop-Appeal”. In doing so it is our defined goal to grant the artists absolute freedom and the best conditions to develop and present their projects and recordings at the best.

At all times the artist can rely on a supportive and consulting team, but in the end all definite artistic decisions are made by the artist himself.

The basic idea is (admittedly) not completely new, but entirely consequent:
good music + good musicians + good sound + good artwork = delicate album
And in direction of the friends of mainstream it needs to be said: this can not be found in our range of products.