Stephan Bormann is among the most versatile German guitarists. Following countless CD releases, among others with the likes of Cristin Claas Trio and Hands On Strings, he now presents “over the years” – his first solo album (Doctor Heart Music).

His inner closeness to the sounds and rhythms from the U.S., Scandinavia, Africa and Brazil reveal him as a musical world traveler – at home in many styles and familiar with the various facets of the instrument. The musical aesthetics of a “finger stylist” can be found in his unique arrangements, along with the approach of a jazz musician, who gives every piece perpetual freshness by allowing room for improvisation. The wide diversity of possibilities for expression with the instrument sparked his desire to not only play on the widely-known nylon or steel string guitar, but also exotic aliquot, baritone and octave guitars. 

The album is, therefore, a tantalizing expedition through the musical universe or as a critic stated: “His music lives – each piece of the narrative possesses great depth and never compromises on a certain virtuosity.