In May 2014 DOCTOR HEART MUSIC published as a second release the debut CD “Danza” of the EUROPEAN GUITAR QUARTET. It is a musical meeting between two legends of classic guitar and two virtuosi of modern Fingerstyle with the aim to create an innovative and contemporary sound for this instrument together.

The Audience should not expect the typical, “classical” guitar sound. Instead it should be ready for a completely new experience of listening to guitar music.

That is what the specialised press wrote after the release:

“Here is where the creativity of four exceptional musicians rises to higher power, because visionaries don’t need any stereotypical thinking. Literally ‘Music for the open minded’. It’s an absolute stunner.” (Akustik Gitarre)

“Melancholia and passion merge to an extraordinary painting of sound…a peculiar summit of four exceptional guitar players: a thrilling demonstration of virtuosity and musical versatility.” (Mainpost)

The reaction of the audience and reviewers were only overcome by the reaction of the common music and guitar world.

Directly after the release enquiries for concerts all over the world started to pile up. So, the EGQ will debut among others in Mexico, the US, Colombia, France and Liechtenstein, as well as at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.