„Beijing Underground“ is the debut-album by the „Anton Mangold Quartett“. The band is based in Germany and the CD-release is under the Classic/Crossover/Jazz Label „Dr. Heart Music“. A vast musical spectrum is embraced by the young musicians: From hard-swinging straight-ahead Jazz, like the title track „Beijing Underground“, to explorations of various kinds of folk music, like the hauntingly beautiful „Going West“, to “Heavenly Peace“, which is a soulful ballad with vibrant harmonies. In „Behai Park West“ the band takes off on a smoothly grooving theme featuring Zhihan Xu on guitar, while being supported with vocals – sung gracefully by the bands bass-player. In “Frustration” the band creates stunning structures build out of emotions and sincere improvisation.

The Band was formed in 2014 by Anton Mangold, Felix Schneider, Theodor Spannnagel and Zhitong Xu. Every single one of them of them has found their own unique voices in the german Jazz scene. They share the same vision: To play Jazz energetically, spontaneously and honestly. The musicians are innovative and open-minded, embracing and indulging themselves in all kinds of musical genres. To name only a few: world-music, hip-hop and contemporary classical music. This openness gives their musical journey a distinct and individual character.

Felix Schneider – Piano
Theodor Spannagel – Bass
Zhitong Xu – Drums
Anton Mangold – Saxophone/composition