Date of release: 31st January 2014

1. PROMETHEUS (Fellow) 4.23
2. SUMMER QUEST (Fellow) 4.51
3. IT RAINS IN 7/4 (Bormann) 5.45
4. JOSHUA (Fellow/Bormann) 6.12
5. CONGA (García) 2.44
6. SERENATA (Fellow) 6.34
7. PATMANIA (Bormann) 5.11
8. HELENE (Bormann/Fellow) 2.13
9. SCHINDLER’S LIST (Williams) 4.12
10. KOH-I-NOOR (Fellow) 6.23

Total time: 48.45



Their new album leads into a mystery of sound,marked by Arabic and Southern-American elements just as by concert music and Jazz. At the same time it creates a characteristic, fascinating approach: one could say some kind of GUITARRA NUEVA.

Thomas Fellow and Stephan Bormann are considered to be two of the most influential protagonists in the current guitar scene. Stephan not least because of his publications and his successful musical projects and meetings (Cristin Claas, Nils Landgren) and Thomas as the percussive One-Man-Band of Friend’n Fellow and as mastermind of the European Guitar Quartett.

Together as HANDS ON STRINGS they offer a gripping mixture of concert music, Worldmusic and Jazz – often breathtakingly brilliant, always refreshingly new and independent.

Furthermore both musicians celebrate their pieces with a joy in playing, which carries the audience immediately.