1. Double sens 4:37
2. D’ici là… 4:19
3. Nuages 4:27
4. Sita 6:17
5. Zyryab 4:10
6. Life on Mars 4:41
7. Songe capricorne 5:51
8. Si fuera realidad 5.04

Gesamt: 39.26





The first album of a very special duet… Antoine Boyer and Samuelito were both selected as « Revelation » by Guitarist Acoustic magazine. As a duet, they won the 4th European Guitar Award in Dresden. Antoine comes from gypsy jazz, Samuelito from the world of flamenco, and their meeting has given birth to a fabulous music drawing on various origins and inspirations. In this album, enjoy 4 compositions and 4 unreleased arrangements and get a taste of the extraordinary musical achievements of this duet!

“Sharpness and accuracy from Classical Music ; fantasy and witiness from “Flamenco and Jazz”.
Who could ask for more from a young guitar duo today ?
Not me at least..”
Roland Dyens

“A wonderful debut from a two young and refreshing artists, who’s music is both universal and relevant. Beautifully and passionately executed.”
Adam Del Monte

“Please welcome Antoine Boyer and Samuelito – the greatest guitar synthesis of today. With spices from the entire history of the guitar they perform an exceptional bitches brew, I love it!”
Jon Larsen