Release Date: 23.May 2014

1.  DANZA NON DANZA (Reentko)
4.  DANCE (Dusan Bogdanovic)
5.  MEDUSA (Thomas Fellow)
6.  PENELOPE (Thomas Fellow)
7.  AGRIPPINA (Thomas Fellow)
8.  FUGA Y MISTERIO (Astor Piazzolla)
9.  VERANO PORTENO (Astor Piazzolla)
10.RAFA (Reentko)
11.FAREWELL (Reentko)

Total time: 56.22


The meeting between two global stars of the classical guitar and two outstanding protagonists of the acoustic guitar scene was accompanied by enthusiastic appreciation from both critics and audience alike. ‘The birth of a sparkling new star in the concert sky.’ – is what the critic wrote.

The debut recording of the quartet is called “DANZA”, because it combines highly intensive, virtuoso and lively music of two worlds – South America and Europe – to a stirring sound trip. Unique adaptions of Astor Piazzollas Tango Nuevo meet tricky rhythms of dances from the Balkan(D. Bogdanovic). But you can also discover music of the two quartet members Thomas Fellow and Reentko – a modern embracement of concert music, world music and jazz.

The idea of founding this ensemble was to follow the nature of this incredible instrument – which means: let the players sound absolutely personal. So it is only natural that instead of trying to sound in complete consonance, the European Guitar Quartet focused on sounding like four different instruments to (re)produce the effect of a complex chamber ensemble, a jazz or rock band. And at the same time they decided to open their minds and ears as much as possible to all kinds of music, sounds and approaches that seemed to fit for them.

Following the philosophy of the quartet combining the qualities of concert music with a modern approach to the guitar, ‘Danza’ has its own unique and very intensive soundscape. The listener may imagine himself right in the middle of the quartet. Furthermore the Mediabook-artwork has a high quality and contains an informative booklet of 16 pages.